Happy New Year

…. when it comes.
Not too long now, only a couple of hours left in 2015 and most of us will welcome the new Year with a bang and a glass of plonk, or two…. 🙂

Hope you all had a great time and a fantastic Christmas as well.

Some of you might remember me while others think “who is she?”. Well, apart from torturing my fiddle at the workshop I am working behind the scenes of these websites here.
As our old website was outdated and the programme no longer safe to use I had to choose between a time consuming update or giving the page a complete overhaul. I decided to go for the complete overhaul, also bearing in mind that things should be easier for all those who – especially  Evie – have been working their fingers off to keep this page alive and a pleasure to read.fiddle fun

When I set up this page some years ago now I hoped that it would grow and flourish and truth to be told, this website has become amazing!!!! So much content and information for member and non-members alike. So, let me say this loud and clear: well done you !!!!

Anyway, here is your new website, I still have to make a few changes here and there, the gallery does not really do what it’s been told, but I will get there eventually.

I would love to meet you all again at one point but at the moment I have no idea when I will be back down this road.
In the meantime…

….. keep that ellbow going!!!

All the best,

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