Monthly Music Session

See what you missed!

Last night, Wednesday 6th March, we held our first workshop music session and what a great night it turned out to be! Our tutor, Jemma Johnson was excellent. We started the evening by playing some of the tunes Jemma has been working on at our Monday Classes. Then we had a very informative twenty minutes hearing about the ‘etiquette’ at a music session. For example introducing a tune and saying what key it was in which allows time for those involved to recall the scale etc. Perhaps playing a few bars to remind people of the tune and cue them in. Not forgetting courtesy in ensuring the leading of tunes is not dominated by just 1 or 2 people. A tune should be played at least twice or even three times, allowing everyone to hear it in case if they don’t know or can’t remember it. Lots of important information vital to enable a good going session. We plan our next music session on Wednesday 27th March so look out for more information. And of course, we had pancakes to celebrate the first night!

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