Workshop News – Next Session 2012/2013

Timetable and Tuition

 LFW timetable for 2012-2013 is now available to download in the MEMBERS INFORMATION SECTION.

Remember, you have to log in to download the timetable from Members Information Section

Classes will recommence after the summer school holidays.

The days will remain Tuesday and Wednesday – however the committee will be polling you in order to find out which nights suit most members the best. For the last couple of years we have had Beginners 6.30pm and Advanced 7.30pm on Wednesdays and Improvers 6.30pm and Intermediates 7.45pm on Tuesdays. Prior to this arrangement the format was Beginners / Improvers on Tuesdays and Intermediate / Advanced on Wednesdays.

We are considering a return to this arrangement if it suits the majority of members.

Please have a think about what level you are at, how much of a challenge you feel ready for – and which night(s) and time(s) would suit you, in preparation for the survey.

As in previous years the FF /schools funding is for 26 lessons; it is our aim to increase the amount of tuition, either by having more weeks of tuition (30? 34?) or by having occasional one day or half day workshops on a Saturday, Sunday or during a school holiday.

However to fund such ventures LFW requires to gain more income!

There are a number of ways this can be done (increasing membership, fundraising events) and we will soon be looking for your ideas about this.


Beginner and Advanced classes missed one day of tutoring, and it has not been possible to reschedule this time. Affected members have been asked to respond to an email regarding this.*

Thanks very much to the people who donated their ‘missed class’ fee to LFW funds, this is greatly appreciated;

A couple of people asked to put their fee towards next session’s membership, which has been arranged.  Sheena will be posting out cheques to the rest of you during the course of this week.