The String School – Update re change of venues

On April 1st and 2nd you will have a great opportunity to enjoy a weekend of top-class tuition with our own tutor Mairi Voinot along with two other fiddle teachers, a cellist and a guitarist.  Mairi, Gillian Frame and Sarah Von Racknitz (nee Naylor) will be teaching fiddle and Seylan Baxter will run the cello  workshop.  Christopher Ferrie will be teaching guitar accompaniment.  Mairi, Seylan and Sarah have all taught at the LFW in the past few years, and Mairi is one of our two current tutors.

Mairi has e-mailed attendees today (27th March) with news on venue change.  Classes now in The Annexe, 9 Stewartville Street G11 5PE, and concert in Hyndland Community Hall, 24 Novar Drive, Glasgow, G12 9PU.