Merry Christmas!

On Wednesday, 9th December, we held our Christmas parties. Outside, the weather was wet and windy but inside Strachur hall, all was well.


The children’s party was great; they have so much energy. Pass the Parcel, Grand Old Duke of York and Farmer’s in His Den were enjoyed not only by the youngsters but by the committee members too! The Fiddle and Bow round the room game was also very popular; youngsters LFW XMAS 2015 640x480scurrying round the hall in search of the next word to complete the game. The party was so busy I forgot to take any pictures! Each child left with a chocolate Santa and the traditional tangerine.

Despite the bad weather there was a good turnout for the adult members’ party. We played many of our old favourite tunes and one or two newer ones. Enjoyed chatting and eating. We had a Secret Santa and everyone looked very pleased with their gift. I know I was.There was an extra present so we had a game of musical statues; the winner won a gift box of Fyne Ale beers. Well done, Mike!

Many of you, children and adults, handed in donations for Dunoon Food Bank.I would like to thank you all for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Thanks, also to everyone who helped out at both parties.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!